Girls Talk Math is a free math day camp. Discover the history of women in mathematics, challenge yourself to explore the problems they worked on, and share your experience by creating a blog and podcast series. Lunch will be provided for campers every day of the camp.


The goal of Girls Talk Math is to make advanced mathematics accessible to students through a free educational summer program in which students with an interest in mathematics work with their peers to tackle challenging problems and learn how to effectively communicate their work.


The camp is based in an understanding of the barriers preventing young women from entering mathematical fields, including a failure to see themselves represented among mathematicians, lack of confidence in their abilities, and less encouragement from peers and teachers. The myth that mathematics has historically been done only by men can contribute to internalized beliefs that women are less capable of success in these careers. In researching the lives and work of a wide range of mathematicians who have made significant contributions to the field, students will see their own potential to have careers in mathematics. We aim to increase confidence by giving students a voice and a platform to be heard through the blog and podcast series. During the camp week we bring local students and instructors together, building a supportive and inclusive community of peers and mentors.


Girls Talk Math was founded at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2016. The program has expanded to other locations and universities. Check out their websites for more math camp fun!